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Groundbait line

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Brain ™ baits – are the biscuit compounds, which are created using the most innovative technologies and world experience adapted for Ukrainian conditions. Due to special baked biscuit, imported aromatizes, separate ingredients and double coloration, these baits have an equal level with products of the most big-name manufacturers. But for all that, the production of the trademark has really democratic prices.

The main competitive advantages are:

1. All manufacturing processes of the bait’s basis (the biscuit) are performed on the special equipment under the strong control of technologists. As a result, from batch to batch, the composition of the bait remains unchanged, unlike the production of competitors, which at the best case based on confectionery scraps, mill or oilseed processing industry waste products, thus there can’t be any constancy.

2. The full biscuit comes under the stage-by-stage aromatization and coloration. As a result, both the attractants and the paint are holding up for a long time. Especially, it can clearly be seen on the dark-colored baits-black “Brain” baits are not discolored even under the conditions of strong current, and, what is also important- do not dirt the hands during the batching of the feed and in process of angling.

3. The same can be said about the aromatics- being wetted and ready for exploitation- the flavour of all baits of our manufacturing will not melt with time, instead it will become even stronger.

4. The wide assortment line provides an opportunity to select the necessary composition for any conditions. All baits can be easily mixed with each other, so that every fisher can create his own unique “mix”.

5. And the most important thing. In production of Brain baits are involved not only professional technologists and sportsmen. All time we cooperate with usual amateurs of feeder, float and carp angling, and try to take into attention all wishes of fishers. Our mixtures in spite of theirs high level, are multipurpose, very easy in use and understandable for all amateurs of angling: from beginners to experienced professionals.

6.“Brain” bait is divided into two big lines: Standard and Premium. The main difference is in the quantity and percentage of additive ingredients, which are increase the attraction or provide the specific “mechanics” of the bait.

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