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Brain Boosters

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Garlic (Чеснок)
Green Pea (Зеленый горошек)
Green Pea
Sweet corn (Сладкая кукуруза)
Sweet corn
Honey (Мед)
Legend Plum (Слива)
Legend Plum
Diablo (Специи)
Liver Pool (Печень)
Liver Pool
Squid-Octopus (Кальмар-осьминог)
Tutti-Frutti (Фруктовый коктейль)
Scopex (Скопекс)
Strawberry (Клубника)
Monster Crab (Монстер Краб)
Monster Crab
Pineapple (Ананас)

Brain boosters are highly-attractive water-soluble liquids, suitable for creating of momentary food signal of baiting mixture. The boosters provide an attraction of carp from far distances due to momentary dissolution in water. Except the basis and aromatizers , the composition of liquid includes amino-vitamins complexes , which increase the attraction of bait.

The boosters are used for impregnation of pelletized baiting boilies and grain baitings. Due to non-dissolved PVA-materials , boosters as all other Brain liquids can be used for impregnation of PVA-sticks and filling of PVA-packs. When impregnating the baiting, the measure is: 1 pack of Brain booster (260 ml) to 3 kg of pellets, boilies or grains.

The boosters are available in 13 variants , for maximum compatibility with other Brain’s products:

  • Strawberry
  • Garlic
  • Green Pea
  • Sweet corn
  • Honey
  • Legend Plum
  • Diablo
  • Liver Pool
  • Squid-Octopus
  • Tutti-Frutti
  • Scopex
  • Monster Crab
  • Pineapple Plus
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