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Garlic (Чеснок)
CSL Brain
Diablo (Специи)
CSL Diablo
Squid-Octopus (Кальмар-осьминог)
CSL Squid-Octopus
Strawberry (Клубника)
CSL Strawberry

CSL Brain or Corn Steep Liquor is high-concentrated extract from fermented corn. In process of controlled fermentation, protein decays into separate essential amino acids, which have an incredible attractive effect for carp. Besides, in the composition of this unusual liquid there is a whole complex of vitamins, microelements and sugars. We are the only Ukrainian manufacturers of this product, and can say not without vanity: CSL Brain doesn’t have the analogues on the market even among foreign competing brands. CSL can be added into any bait- grounded, grained or pelletized. Comparing with synthetical additives and aromatizers, the big advantage is the fact that you can’t spoil the baiting with corn liquor, even if you add the extra quantity.

The aromatized corn liquor CSL Brain – is the concentrate of plant proteins and essential amino acids with adding of aromatizers, with has and incredible attractive effect for carp. For a good reason this syrup calls as “Liquid food” in the English media. This is an ideal additive, which provides the momentary attraction of fish in baited point.

It is recommended to use the aromatized CSL Brain to wet the coarse-fractioned feeding elements - grain baits, pellets, crumbed and cut boilies. Also you can use the liquor for impregnation of PVA-sticks, filling the PVA-packs and dipping of heads.

The aromatized CSL produced in 210 ml. This quantity is enough for aromatization and impregnation of several kilograms of boilies and pellets. Next variants are available:

  • Strawberry
  • Diablo
  • Squid-Octopus
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